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Our areas of specialization

areas of specialization



Consultation, assessment and therapy for children, adolescents and adults
in German, English and Spanish.
  • Voice disorders - functional, organic

  • Voice design for trans* people

  • Disorders of the singing voice

  • Disorders of speech: stuttering, cluttering

  • Language development delays and disorders

  • Pronunciation disorders

  • Disorders of grammar, vocabulary and

       of language understanding

  • Bi- and multilinguality

  • Phonological delays and disorders

  • Auditory processing disorders

  • Orofacial dysfunctions​ (& accompanying treatments

      for orthodontic measures)

  • Feeding disorders in babies and toddlers

  • Oral-, eating- and drinking therapy

  • neurologically caused speech and language disorders

      (aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia)

  • Facial paralysis (facial palsy)

Speech therapy Vienna Language development Isabella Seidler, BSc.
Speech therapy voice therapy Vienna Isabella Seidler, BSc.

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