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breathing technique

Voice- and speech training

The voice is our most important means of expression. Our acoustic business card can open ears – or close them. When it comes to good communication, it's not just the content that counts, but also the form.

Analysis of the speaking voice


You get an overview of where you stand vocally. Strengths and potential for improvement are analyzed - together we develop individual vocal goals.

Speech and voice training


 Individual goals are developed by working together. Topics can be...

  • a full and lively sound

  • clear pronunciation

  • speaking in a relaxed and effortless manner

  • correct breathing technique

  • accent training

Workshops and offers for groups


Voice training is also possible effectively in smaller or larger groups. I will give you a balanced mix of practical exercises, tips and theoretical background knowledge. In a personal conversation, we put together workshop components into a whole, depending on your wishes.



An individual training session (online or offline) lasts around 45 minutes and costs €100.

Prices for workshops and groups are agreed on individually.

Voice training Vienna
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