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Isabella Seidler; BSc.

Speech & language therapist

Voice - & speech coach

In addition offering consultation, assessment and therapy as a speech and language therapist,

I do voice and speech coaching for people who want to improve their communication

in German, English and Spanish.

Areas of specialization


  • Voice disorders - functional, organic

  • Voice design for trans*persons

  • Disorders of speech: stuttering, cluttering

  • Voice & speech coaching​


  • ​Language development delays and disorders

  • Pronunciation disorders

  • Disorders of grammar, vocabulary and of language understanding

  • Bi- and multilinguality

  • Phonological delays and disorders

  • Auditory processing disorders​

  • Orofacial dysfunctions​ (& accompanying treatments for orthodontic measures)

  • Feeding disorders in babies and toddlers

  • Oral-, eating- and drinking therapy​​ for children

  • Neurologically caused speech and language disorders (aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia)​

  • Facial paralysis (facial palsy)​

About me


Individual and personal advice is the focus of my work.

It is important to me that my patients, big or small, enjoy learning. In addition to jointly planning the therapy goals, I rely on my professional knowledge from various advanced training courses. 

The aim of my work is to provide you with practical knowledge so that you learn to deal with your challenges independently.​

My practice is officially recognized by the Austrian professional association as a teaching practice for students of the speech therapy course. I am also an NF!T® therapist and have received the CPD+ (Continuing Professional Development PLUS) certificate.

I am looking forward to meet you!


To arrange an initial appointment, please send me an email. Inquiries cannot be accepted by telephone.

I look forward to reading from you!

Advanced training

In order to achieve the best for my clients and patients, I regularly attend training events. As we work in a field where a lot of research is done and where new findings are constantly being made, it is important to stay up to date.

  • Diagnostics and therapy for multilingual children​

  • Speech and language therapy for complex language development disorders


  • Intensive seminar series: assessment and therapy of children with language development problems (Zollinger)


  • Parental advice for late talkers


  • Patholinguistically oriented phonology therapy ​​


  • Context optimization for grammatical disorders


  • Therapy of verbal developmental dyspraxia according to KoAr


  • NF!T® neurofunctional therapy of the mouth, eyes, hands and body​​​​​​

  • Speaking and voice trainer (Prologue, Cologne)


  • Estill Voice Training (Level 1+2, C. Mager)


  • Functional voice therapy (Heptner​)


  • LAX VOX® with Stephanie Kruse - exercise for the care, healing and training of the voice

  • Voice therapy according to common therapy concepts (Thallinger)

  • Workshops on selected topics: Learning to see the sound of the voice, voice transition, register transitions in speaking voice treatment, Estill Voice Training in voice therapy,...


  • Voice, Breath, Posture – Feldenkrais​​​


  • Desensitization and modification techniques for adolescents and adults who stutter

  • The modification approach in therapy with preschool children who stutter (Walther)


  • Parent work in stuttering therapy​


  • Feeding disorders in babies and toddlers (Renk)


  • Oral, eating and drinking therapy with children​​ (Renk)​


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