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Nora Bergler; BSc.

Speech & language therapist

Thanks to my completed speaker training and my ongoing singing studies, I also offer therapies for professional singers and speakers.

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Areas of specialization

I offer speech therapy advice, diagnostics and therapy for children, adolescents and adults in the following areas:

Language and speech development:

  • language development delays/language development disorders 

  • pronunciation disorders

  • phonological delays and disorders

  • disorders of grammar, vocabulary and language comprehension

  • speech therapy for primary syndromes



  • voice disorders – functional, organic, psychogenic

  • singing voice disorders

  • voice design for trans* people

  • replacement voice after laryngectomy

Facio-oral area​:

  • swallowing disorders - organic, neurogenic

  • feeding disorders in babies and toddlers

  • tracheostomy tube management

  • orofacial dysfunctions

  • facial palsy

About me


Since I completed my training as a speech therapist at the FH Campus Vienna in 2018, I have been able to gain a lot of experience working with children, young people and adults. I worked in an outpatient clinic for children and adolescents, a rehabilitation clinic for children and adolescents, and in a hospital in the adult phoniatrics/speech therapy department. In my work, I attach great importance to individual and patient-oriented actions.

This not only includes setting common goals, but also holistic therapy on an equal footing.

Of course, fun and joy should not be neglected.


To arrange an initial appointment, please send me an email. Inquiries cannot be accepted by telephone.

I look forward to reading from you!

Advanced training

Regular attendance at training courses and seminars is a matter of course and necessary in order to be able to offer therapy according to the latest standards.

  • Integrative osteopathy for myofunctional disorders and articulation disorders Basic module & Advanced module – plus additional special techniques (J. Put, K. Put)

  • Language disorders in multilingualism: diagnostics, therapy, parental advice (L. Wagner)

  • Parental advice for late talkers (P. Pomnitz)

  • From late talkers to word-finding difficulties (S. Kruse)

  • Interactional therapy for children with late talker symptoms (N. Szammer)


  • From nodules to recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy – which exercises for which voice disorder (M. Heptner)

  • Osteopathic techniques in voice therapy (D. Wenzel)

  • ISTP certificate (Integrative Voice Therapy - E.Haupt)

  • Accent method – basic course part 1+2 (D. Geier-Bruns)

  • Estill Voice Training Level 1+2 (M. Secara, S. Kruse)

  • Introduction to the LaKru voice transition

  • Lax Vox for voice therapy

  • Lax Vox in singing

  • Lax Vox for the speaking voice

  • Jaw health with Lax Vox,

  • Practice in a targeted manner with Lax Vox

  • Didactics: achieve vocal goals quickly, purposefully and without judgment

  • LAX VOX short workshops on selected topics: singing, riffs and runs, learning to hit tones, trans* voice

  • Manual swallowing therapy (R. Nusser – Müller – Busch, R. Horst)

  • MODAK – Communicative aphasia therapy on a neurolinguistic basis  (K. Lønborg)


  • Pediatric dysphagia – theory and therapy in infants and children with swallowing disorders (B. Genz)

  • Early Childhood Eating Development (FKE) (S. Renk)

  • SOS – infant without sucking

  • Disturbance of food intake in infants and children (I. Kaulmann – Holletscheck)

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